Artistic Director: Danielle Teale
Music Director: Jaka Skapin
Film by ROPO Films
Dancers featured are regular contributors to the Danielle Teale Dance, Dancing with Parkinson's groups in Hackney (St. Joseph's Hospice) and Queen Square (National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery)

Danielle Teale is an internationally recognised leader in the field of dance and Parkinson’s and has contributed to the design and delivery of many high-profile programmes in dance and health.

Notable contributions include her work as Artistic Consultant for Dance to Health in Rotterdam, for whom she has been advisor on the development of their CPD, artistic development and research since 2015. Additionally she  worked with a small team to design and facilitate the pilot Dance to Health programme with East London Dance, in partnership with innovative arts charity AESOP, for older adults at risk of falling. Danielle is Green Candle Dance Company Associate Artist including with their dementia programme in residential care homes as well as the acclaimed project Remember to Dance.

We should not ignore the vital role that the dancers with Parkinson’s themselves play in the development of a robust, specialist sector by sharing their embodied experience through research and through kinaesthetic transference of knowledge to those they dance with.
— Danielle Teale

Dancing with parkinson's

Danielle is a founding member of the Dance for Parkinson's Partnership UK and founding artist of the ENB Dance for Parkinson's programme working with a team to design the ENB model, implement regional expansion of national hub classes, design and delivering artists training and mentor emerging artists. She continues to work as lead artist with English National Ballet on their successful Dance for Parkinson's programme inspired by company repertoire - considered a model of excellence in this burgeoning field of dance and health. 

Danielle co-designed the content and taught alongside a team of artists on the ENB Dance for Parkinson's CPD course and is involved yearly in the People Dancing summer school delivering workshops and co-teaching alongside David Leventhal of Mark Morris’ Dance for PD® programme. Danielle continues to mentor the artists for ENB Dance for Parkinson's programme and has been one of the first mentors on the Dance for Parkinson's Network mentoring programme for emerging artists in the field. She also offers a bespoke programme of mentoring and shadowing for dance artists and musicians.

Danielle has developed an ongoing independent programme ‘Dancing with Parkinson’s’, in partnership with hospices and hospitals in London (St Joseph's Hospice in Hackney, Art's at St. George's Hospital Charity and Queen Mary's Hospital Roehampton, National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square) where she currently delivers three regular classes.



Her practice as research project Collectivity and Intimacy ( was inspired by and developed in collaboration with dancers with Parkinson’s, and this work continues in 2018 with an interdisciplinary artistic research project. The Collective Field - an exploration of collectivity and intimacy (featured above) was part of this ongoing research into the collective and individual space created through dance with people with Parkinson's. For this, Danielle worked with visual artist Sara Hibbert in early 2017 to develop a new piece of collaborative work. The process was documented on the blog and continues to inspire the ongoing research.