Directing | Consultancy

Danielle has managed and produced a number of large and smaller scale events, workshops and performances, and her particular combination of dance teaching and choreography skills alongside project management experience make her an astute and conscientious leader and director. As a rehearsal director she has worked alongside choreographers such as Simon Rice, George Williamson and Chris Tudor, to enable them to distil choreographic practice in an accessible way, making it relevant and meaningful for participatory settings. Danielle has worked on a number of main stage productions with schools, community groups and youth groups, creating high quality artistic experiences and performances that demonstrate her eye for rigour and quality in dance for all. As a programme manager Danielle has coordinated a variety of performance and engagement projects for Big Dance from 2010-15 and has been part of the development and delivery of English National Ballet's Dance for Parkinson's programme since its inception in 2010. She worked with East London Dance as part of an artistic team to deliver a highly successful Dance to Health pilot programme in London, and continues to work with Green Candle Dance Company on their participation strand including devising bespoke projects and workshop packages, as well as teaching in a variety of settings.

Danielle has the experience and knowledge to offer support, mentoring or management for the set up and / or delivery of large scale projects to one off workshops.. She has worked on specialist dance and health initiatives, family and early years projects, youth dance and school's programmes and integrated settings, and offers a bespoke and tailored experience for each unique engagement.