Out of London, into Seoul

This autumn, I was pleased to be invited by Dance for PD ® founding teacher David Leventhal, to collaborate with him on a CPD programme in Seoul, South Korea.

Taking my practice, from a place / location / situation in which I have been exploring, moving, thinking, delving and discussing for the last 10 years, and placing it outside of all the usual cultural and practical understanding I’m surrounded by in the UK, was both a lesson in communication and a challenge of my unvoiced bias or assumptions.

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Korea Bizwire

SEOUL, Oct. 24 (Korea Bizwire) — Danielle Teale, a leader in the field of dance treatment aimed at better health spoke at the “Dance for Dementia” symposium held at Chungmu Art Center in Seoul yesterday regarding educational dance programs for dementia patients.


It’s certainly exciting to see your own work described by an international newspaper - although I think they’ve given me credit far beyond what I deserve! (click the link above for the full article)