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An empathetic, artistic and imaginative dance artist, Danielle Teale bases her dance practice on the principle that all human beings are valuable and all people are creative. Her unique skill and ability lies in the crafting of a truly person-centred experience with genuine support for, and belief in the potential of each individual. This is the case across her wide portfolio of work including choreography, leading professional development and mentoring, as well as teaching in education, community and vocational settings.

Danielle Teale has delivered a wide range of creative dance opportunities including teaching, choreography, support & mentoring, CPD, project management and consultancy, research and evaluation. She is a distinctive, practical and versatile dance artist and her empathic approach to dance delivery places the enjoyment and achievement of others at the core of her work.

Danielle is an internationally recognised leader in the field of dance and Parkinson’s and has contributed to the design and delivery of many high-profile programmes in dance and health.

Notable contributions include her work as an training leader and CPD facilitator for Mark Morris Dance Group Dance for PD programme, People Dancing Dance for Parkinson’s Partnership and English National Ballet. She has been advisor to Dance to Health in Rotterdam on the development of their CPD, artistic development and research since 2015. Additionally she  worked with a small team to design and facilitate the pilot Dance to Health programme with East London Dance, in partnership with innovative arts charity AESOP, for older adults at risk of falling. Danielle is Green Candle Dance Company Associate Artist including with their dementia programme in residential care homes as well as the acclaimed project Remember to Dance.


Danielle has a extensive portfolio of teaching experience in the community, in education and across all ages including; DanceEast (2014-19), DanceWest. (2018-19) East London Dance (2015-17), English National Ballet (2009-19), Green Candle Dance Company (2016-17), New Adventures - Re:Bourne (2016-19), Royal Opera House (2015-19), The Place London (2014-17), University of Roehampton (2016-18)

Danielle’s passion for teaching and supporting the artistic development of people with Parkinson’s through the dance is inspiring. Her wealth of experience in the practice of dance has led to the successful delivery of many Dance for Parkinson’s classes, both through English National Ballet and as an independent artist. Participants of Danielle’s class are in the hands of a highly-trained teacher who cares about nurturing her students’ artistic and personal development and she also offers extensive knowledge about the breadth of research surrounding the benefits of dance for people with Parkinson’s, which is vital.
— Steve Ford, CEO Parkinson's UK


Danielle creates wonderful, human, resonant work in community settings based on lived experience, which translates to the stage in her choreographed work
— Emma Abbey, Director of Engagement, Pavilion Dance South West

artists development

Danielle is a mentor, coach, and expert CPD facilitator. She co-leads specialist Dance for Parkinson's courses internationally alongside prominent Dance for PD(R) expert David Leventhal and yearly facilitates a creative practice and artistry module for the New Adventures Overture programme for community dance artists.

Danielle goes above and beyond her role in the studio to support you. Your goal is her goal and she drives it forward with a huge amount of passion. She sets up an action plan and makes sure she has a clear idea of what you want to achieve ahead of every session. She helped me fire off ideas and offered solutions. I never felt that I stood alone; she was able to read my ideas, facial expression and body language in the studio and knew when I needed extra support. I can’t wait to work with her again
— Stina Quagebeur, dancer and choreographer, English National Ballet

directing | consulting

Danielle has managed and produced a number of large and smaller scale events, workshops and performances, and her particular combination of dance teaching and choreography skills alongside project management experience make her an astute and conscientious leader and director. As a rehearsal director she has worked alongside choreographers such as Simon Rice, George Williamson and Chris Tudor, to enable them to distil choreographic practice in an accessible way, making it relevant and meaningful for participatory settings.




Artists' Exchange Programme, Artistic Initiator of pioneering artist led Skills Exchange, link to programme details in site navigation above

Aesop in partnership with East London Dance, Dance to Health, lead dance artist, programme design and delivery, 2015-16

Creative Arts East and Green Candle Dance Company, dance for dementia lead artist, programme delivery, 2017

English National Ballet Dance for Parkinson's Founding teacher, lead dance artist 2009-17

Green Candle Dance Company Community Dance Artist, dance for dementia, residential and end of life care, intergenerational projects 2015-17

Royal Opera House lead dance artist, Chance to Dance, National Nutcracker teachers programme, Wayne McGregor Infra GCSE programme for secondary schools 2015-17

Artistic Practice
Collective Field, Practice as Research 2016-17

Dance Journey's, English National Ballet 2015, 2018 - Youth Dance Performance Platform, Sadler's Wells

East London Dance and Aesop, First National Arts in Health Conference, 2016 - opening performance, Older Dancers, Southbank Centre

English Touring Opera, Spirit Level, 2012 - Opera and Dance Integrated Project

Key to the Palace Garden, Big Dance 2010 - Older Dancers Site Specific Performance, Kensington Palace Gardens

Court Whispering, 2014 - Older Dancers Promenade Performance, Whitehall, adapted for Lilian Baylis Theatre, Elixir 2014

Morris and Maypole, Big Dance 2012 - Intergenerational Performance, Kensington Palace

Swanning Around London and China 2010 - Youth Dance International Exchange Project, World Expo, Shanghai and Royal Albert Hall, London

Artists Development
Artists' Exchange Programme, Artistic Initiator of pioneering artist led Skills Exchange, link to programme details in site navigation above

Akademi Dance Well Programme CPD course leader, 2016

Dance for Health Rotterdam, artistic consultant and teachers professional development manager, 2015-17

DanceEast facilitator for Artists and Volunteers CPD, Care to Dance and Dance for Parkinson's Programmes, 2017

English National Ballet Dance for Parkinson's professional development and mentoring - regional partners DanceEast, Oxford CC, MDI, NDCWales 2009-17

Green Candle Dance for Dementia CPD course leader, and LOCON Leading Dance for Older People co-leader, 2017

People Dancing and Dance for Parkinson's Partnership UK, Introduction to Dance for Parkinson's and Advanced Dance for Parkinson's Summer School Course leader, yearly 2013-17

Royal Opera House INSET training and CPD course development for Discover Dance and Infra GCSE dance programme, 2016-17

The Place London CPD course leader for CAT and Recreational Dance teachers 2017

Previous experience
Birmingham Royal Ballet Learning Administrator 2007-09

English National Ballet Learning and Participation Officer 2009-12 

Dance Educators Group co-coordinator, 2014-17 

As a programme manager Danielle has coordinated a variety of performance and engagement projects for Big Dance from 2010-15 and has been part of the development and delivery of English National Ballet's Dance for Parkinson's programme since its inception in 2010. She worked with East London Dance as part of an artistic team to deliver a highly successful Dance to Health pilot programme in London, and continues to work with Green Candle Dance Company on their participation strand including devising bespoke projects and workshop packages, as well as teaching in a variety of settings.