Using her skills as an empathic and nurturing artist, Danielle believes in the huge value of peer to peer mentoring and support. She delivers a range of bespoke artists development and mentoring to support dance artists in their career progression.

Danielle has an astute and analytical approach and guides artists to discover methods and processes that work for them. She has developed a shadowing and mentoring programme for artists working with dancers with Parkinson's which she has collaborated with People Dancing; Dance for Parkinson's Network and Trinity Laban's Dance & Health Learning Group to offer to emerging artists.

artists' exchange programme

In November 2017 Danielle Teale launched the Artists' Exchange Programme (AEP) to recognise skills and experience in mid-career artists working at the intersection between professional, choreographic and community practices. The programme launched with the first AEP Skills Exchange in December 2017. Recognising a gap in the support of independent artists and acknowledgement of their expertise in this field, the AEP recognises the wealth of experience, ideas and thoughtful reflection that artists at this level can offer one another, and is an example of innovative, artist-led, leadership...

One of the most enriching experiences I have had as an artist. I have never before been in a CPD environment where there has been so much depth and intricacy in our explorations
— Rachel Fullegar, AEP Skills Exchange, participating artist Dec 2017
I have worked under the guidance of Danielle since 2014 and never have I felt so supported in any project I’ve ever worked on. Danielle is so observant and her attention to detail is remarkable. Her feedback as a mentor was always compassionate, truthful, supportive and so intuitive. I felt that she saw the best in me and helped me to draw it out, raising my confidence enormously. I would absolutely recommend Danielle as a mentor to anyone working in community dance or dance for Parkinson’s.
— Sarah Lewis, dance for Parkinson's artist, English National Ballet and DanceEast
Danielle can inspire you with her energy and spirit. she channels your thoughts with a clear and open mind, and is able to quickly pinpoint the difficulties that are holding you back. Danielle is a mentor in which you have immediate confidence because of her open attitude .She has given me security, and a solid foundation as well as inspiration for my own creativity
— Sabine Woertman - Dance Artist, Dance for Health Rotterdam
I had no experience with non-professional dancers - it was very hard to know how to get the most out of the students. I learned so much from Danielle; watching her interact with the students, and she helped me translate my ideas into a realistic structure - I was able to learn how certain communication methods were effective with the students. Danielle helped by demonstrating so that I could learn but then giving me the time to ‘do’...I gained so much from this process with Danielle
— Stina Quagebeur, dancer and choreographer, English National Ballet
Danielle’s session was so clear, passionate and beautifully structured that it was such a pleasure to sit back and observe the group growing (New Adventures Overture Programme for emerging community dance artists)
— Kerry Biggin - Resident Artist, New Adventures and Re:Bourne
I chose Danielle as a mentor after seeing her teach - her direct and fresh approach as a dance practitioner made me want to work with her. She gave me concrete tools on how to effectively lead coherent and well structured sessions and helped me deeply reflect on my role as a dance teacher. I very much enjoyed the time we spent together discussing and sharing experiences and I feel I gained more confidence in my practice as a result.
— Beatrice Ghezzi - Dance Artist, Ballet4Life and Art of Wellbeing