inside out

Tucked away under disused railway arches, in the Zoho district of Rotterdam, a special gallery exists which takes the stories, lives and individuality of people from all walks of life, and demonstrates pure humanity through art. This gallery in the Station 'Hofplein' is the home of Dance for Health.


Dance for Health foundation based in Rotterdam, provides dance opportunities for people with chronic movement disorders to connect with each other and with themselves through movement. Their home in the centre of the city is a calm place where art, knowledge and skills come together in harmony. With a holistic approach to the whole person, Dance for Health acknowledges that disease does not define a person, and therefore should not define their programme. The model of Dance for Health stems from a place of artistry, integrity and curiosity. Discovering the unique person and what works for them, individually and collectively; through art, movement and creativity. This is the soul of the foundation.

Last week in the gallery space, Dance for Health launched an exhibition which featured work created by the dancers that take part in their classes. Their stories and experiences speak out through their art work, reminding us of the individual mind and identity behind their condition - there is more to a person than what is represented through the body. 

Their approach to the individual and developing high quality experiences has lead to us working collaboratively together to find clarity and define the thinking and their message. I have researched their programme closely with initiator Marc Vlemmix, dancers and teachers of the classes and tried to capture the fundamental values of the work, in order to redesign the artistic model and teachers CPD; to give extra skills to the teachers which will in turn support the dancers. 

I complete this journey this weekend by delivering their teachers CPD course. Amid the art, under the arches of the Station 'Hofplein', we explore, share, analyse and of course, dance!

More soon...