ACE Funding success for the CID Project at Poplar Union

We have been excited for some time about our performance and research project CID - Collective Identity, and we are thrilled to announce that we have been awarded Arts Council Funding to deliver the first phase of R&D for this project in partnership with Poplar Union over the summer. The project places collaboration at the heart of the process, and most importantly, places equal value and weight on all contributors. Visual artists, musicians, dance artists and people with Parkinson’s will all come together to explore the intimate art of dancing and the value of collective creative expression - which are inseparable.

I was surprised at how emotional it was when you dance for yourself but then you realise you’re not dancing just for yourself, there’s a team of a class of people behind you, and you are dancing all together, you are in a sense leading them… when that realisation came it was really quite overpowering, it’s a wonderful feeling
— Dancer - Dancing with Parkinson's NHNN
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The CID Project will begin on June 2019 but we need your help!! To make it the best it can be, we are still fundraising via SpaceHive for the project to gain match funding for our arts council grant. Please help share the details of the project and the crowdfunder far and wide to your contacts, colleagues, family and friends

Thank you to ACE for their support, let’s make it count!