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I have spoken about burnout and resilience building to many dancers across my work and I have been personally affected by the negative impact that lack of support for resilience as an individual and in organisations can have for your physical and mental health and wellbeing. In my research preparing for the AEP launch, I was interested to hear that many artists are struggling in the same way to find a sense of self, life and work balance and to stand up for their values when under pressure to survive. As part of the AEP Skills Exchange Sarah Lewis offered a workshop and discussion on resilience practices to support the artists to understand their values and what they are uncompromising on...

international women's day

This International Women's Day I am reflecting on the women who have influenced my life both good and bad, and I know that I am most inspired by the women (and men) that choose to value emotions on a level with intelligence, empathy on a level with analysis and the heart as equal to the head. Those who choose to admit vulnerability by being authentic in the moment.

So my thoughts for the day come from the incredible Dr. Brené Brown on the courage to be vulnerable.

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