Swan Song

Welcome to Dancing with Parkinson's, a specialist session run by Danielle Teale in east London, one of a growing number in Britain, each part of an international movement of community dance classes, tailored for the special needs of people with Parkinson's…

During these dance classes I am taken out of myself – feeling the pleasures and rewards of moving freely in space. And this release was not just an escape from reality, it was therapy for reality.

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Fundraising for Dancing with Parkinson's

I need your support to continue to provide highly valued dance opportunities for people with Parkinson's in Hackney.

Dancing with Parkinson's at St. Joseph's Hospice is an inspiring, artistic, dance opportunity for people with Parkinson's, their partners, carers and family members in Hackney and surrounding areas. The classes and choreographic opportunities are highly valued and enjoyed by over 20 dancers with Parkinson's, and interest in the sessions is continuing to grow. We are therefore looking for support and donations to our crowdfunder page to keep these classes going in 2018...

It’s very important for me to come to dance for Parkinson’s because it gives me a sense that I can do things...I will not be defined by Parkinson’s, nothing is impossible and this class has taught me, YES! I can do it
— Dancer with Parkinson's
Every Monday morning I get up thinking I feel lethargic but once I get into that class I’ll be dancing my socks off.
— Dancer with Parkinson's

Please take a look at the page and donate what you can to this fantastic group of dancers. https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/dancing-with-parkinsons-at-st-josephs-hospice

Thank you