people dancing conference 2017

I'm delighted to be presenting, sharing and joining with a network of incredible artists and experienced thinkers and movers at the upcoming People Dancing conference in Glasgow.

This conference comes at a time when many threads of my practice, experience, thinking and research are converging and I look forward to the opportunity to share this through the theme of dance with people with Parkinson's.

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down the rabbit hole...

My research started with a big question: 'what is happening here!?'. Based on my practice in community dance, I continue to be intrigued by the role of the artist, power dynamics in the dance studio, self actualisation, and dancers ability to take ownership over their dancing experience. A good place to start seemed to be an analysis of the function of the artist as a leader. Therefore immediately a number of other questions came to be important...

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    world dance for parkinson's day

    from best practice to artistry, a reflection on dancing with parkinson's

    Globally, dancing as a positive intervention and as a stimulating activity for people with Parkinson's has exploded with popularity over the last 10 years. With high quality research in the UK commissioned by English National Ballet and spearheaded by Dr. Sara Houston of University of Roehampton; the establishment of a supportive UK network for professional development and class set up, directed by Kiki Gale and housed under People Dancing; and the ongoing globally inspiring Mark Morris Dance Group programme Dance for PD, led by the commitment, dedication and positivity of David Leventhal in New York (recently awarded the World Parkinson Congress award for distinguished contribution to the Parkinson community).

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    the reflective role of the community dance artist

    considering the nature of best practice...

    As a result of a recent project I've delivered on behalf of Green Candle Dance Company in partnership with Creative Arts East, I was invited to write a guest blog about the reflective role of the community dance artist. 


    The article is on the Green Candle Dance Company website here: and I've also recreated it for my own blog below...

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